Writing tasks for level "A2"

diciembre 21, 2009

Hannah’s bad day (story telling)

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After the activity we did in class for unit , I would like you to write a short story about Hannah. You can begin either the day she met her boyfriend or the day she had the accident.


  • Remember to use only past tenses (simple past or past continuous) to write your story.
  • Don’t change people’s sex.
  • Beware concordance between subject and verb (especially important with the verb “to be”)

Happy Christmas! See you in class after the holiday!



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  1. Hannah and her friends went to a party. Ana wore a yellow dress. At the party she met a handsome boy. He was tall, thin and talketive ‘Hello’, he said, ‘my name is Jamie, what, is your name?’, ‘Hannah’, she said.
    When they left, Jamie asked her what was her phone number was. Can I see you again? Yes, she said, so she gave him her phone number. He wrote the phone number on his hand because he didn’t have a piece of paper.
    The Next day Jaime and Hannah met at the restaurant for dinner. They spoke a lot. After dinner, she left home in her car. Suddenly, a man ran across the road. She could not see him becouse it was dark and it was raining a lot.
    After that, a policewomen, went to Hannah’s house. She asked Hannah a lot of questions.

    Comentario por Mª José Ruiz (5) — enero 25, 2010 @ 10:22 pm | Responder

  2. Hannah met Jamie in a club on her birthday last summer. He saidtold her ‘Can I see you again?’, ‘Yes’, she said, and she gave him her phone number.
    The next day, Jamie invited her to dinner. Then, they met in a cafe every day after her work.
    One day Hannah was late, it was raining and she was driving to her date with Jamie very fast. Suddenly a man ran across the road. Although she tried to stop, she hit the man but she didn’t stop. She went to the cafe to meet Jamie but he didn’t arrive.
    Two hours later, when she was at home, a policewoman knocked at her door.

    Comentario por Borja Sánchez (5) — abril 18, 2010 @ 8:57 pm | Responder

  3. A BAD DAY
    Adelaida. Basico 2; L/X.

    It was a sunny morning on Sunday 15th of May forty years ago. I remember it very well. Pablo, my cousin, who was living with us, disappeared. I was twenty years old and he was only ten.
    We got up at ten o’clock and we went to mass like every Sunday. After that, he went to play with his friends.
    We used to have lunch at three o’clock, but that day Pablo didn’t arrive on time. My father said “We’re going to eat now and then Pablo will be punished”.
    When we were eating, Clara’s mother called home asking us if she was in our house with Pablo because she hadn’t gone at home either.
    It was a sunny afternoon but we were very worried, frightened and we were afraid for them. We called the police; we called all the hospitals in Madrid. My father was a Civil Guard, so he called his colleagues asking for help. It was terrible time, waiting to see what happened.
    At ten o’clock at night, the doorbell rang. Two policemen, Clara and my cousin were at the door.
    The policemen were smiling lovingly and they said: these children were on a train. They got on the train in Madrid. We saw them in Valladolid. They told us, who had left home because they had got very bad marks in their exams and they were afraid.
    At midnight when I was sleeping, my cousin woke me and said, “Ade, I’m hungry”.

    Comentario por Adelaida Velasco Rubio — diciembre 18, 2010 @ 10:18 pm | Responder

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