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abril 19, 2010

Your diet

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Write a personal description about what you usually eat during the week and at weekends. Do you think you have a balanced diet? (120 words)


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  1. Dear Angeles,
    I’m going to tell you about my diet.
    I usually have three meals a day.
    I have a strong breakfast with different kind of fruits: a slice of pineapple, a kiwi, a pear and tangerine, I have carrot, lemon, orange and apple juice, I have semi skimmed milk with cereals, a toast with olive oil and a green tea.
    I have lunch at about 15.00, my diet for lunch is very varied. I usually have pulses, fish, pasta or rice once a week, I eat pulses frequently, most times they are lentils and beans, but sometimes I have chick-peas. When I have fish, I usually have mashed vegetables if the weather is cold, and I have a salad if it’s hot. The rest of the days I usually have meat with vegetables, red peppers, tomato, Brussels sprout, artichokes, etc. Sometimes I have a meat stew. I like many kind of food, but I don’t like cabbage or cauliflower.
    I have two or three pieces of fruit and yoghurt for dinner.
    I think I have a balanced diet.

    Comentario por Borja Sánchez (5) — abril 21, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Responder

  2. These are the most beautiful memories of meals I have of my trips around of the world.
    My first meal was in Vienna where I had Mozart chocolates. In London I had stuffed turkey and Indian meat and bread. In Oxford I had chicken pie. In Windsor an exquisite chocolate cake. I had salad and fried potatoes in Prague. In Buenos Aires I had grilled cow meat and a milk sweet. I had roast rabbit and lamb in Rieti, the most delicious
    chocolate ice cream in the world in Perugia, stuffed chicken in Brescia, the best pizza ever in Bergamo and a bit of fruit tart and tiramisu in Rome. In N.Y. I had a delicious chocolate cake, in N.J. stew beef with potatoes puree, delicious sandwiches in N.J. and Atlantic City, and my first Japanese and exquisite meal in Arlington, also there I had dinner in a Luisiana restaurant. In Paris I tried a delicious steak and rabbit with mushrooms and small onions, I didn’t eat in Maxim’s, “of course”! I ate delicious fish in Moscow and Russian soup in St Petesburg too, but the most exquisite dish I tried in this trip to Russia was a dish of typical Armenian meat at my friends Gagik and Larisa’s house in Moscow. Last year I was in Ireland with a host family and Linda cooked delicious dishes for dinner every evening and in Dublin Castle there is a delicious chocolate cake.
    This is the most exquisite food, I’ll always remember.

    Comentario por Eulalia Puente — abril 24, 2010 @ 11:59 pm | Responder

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