Writing tasks for level "A2"


Hello students!

This is the class blog where you will do your writing practice during the course. It is good to spend some time during the week practising writing. I hope you find it useful.

The following tips will be useful in order to prepare and fulfill your  tasks. Read them carefully and try to follow them:

1. Read the instructions for you tasks carefully.

2. Plan your text in advance. Decide what you will mention and the order of your ideas. Don’t forget to give all the information you are required.

3. Open a new folder on your computer for your writing tasks. This will be helpful to find your writing tasks during the course.

4. Each time you start a new assignment open a new file and give it the name of your task (e.g. person’s description)

4. Write a first draft. Save it.

5. When you finish, check that you have written everything you wanted to say. Make changes if necessary. Save them.

6. Once you are happy about the content and organization, check your spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary before you decide it is already finished. Use a dictionary or a grammar book if necessary. You can also check an online grammar or dictionary, using the links on the right. Save your final version.

7. Copy and paste your text into the “comment” box in the blog. It is below the post for your task.

8. Fill in your name and the group you belong to and send your assignment before deadline.

9. Check for comments from your teacher.

Read also other classmates’ pieces of writing. They will give you more ideas.


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